Red Door Team offers Design consultation services to buyers and sellers through Your Red Door Team Relators and independently.

Red Door Design Consultation

  • You want a designer to create a vision and design plan only:
  • Initial $200 consultation fee – 1 hour, 1 room/space.
  • This includes floor layout diagrams (2-3) and a design board, which includes furniture and décor options that fit your vision for the space.
  • This is a great option for DIY’er; someone who just needs a little direction, but wants to do the shopping and set-up for their room on their own.
  • You will be doing all the legwork, hiring and managing contractors, ordering furniture and dealing with all the logistics and trouble shooting as needed. You are willing to put in the work involved so that as many of your dollars as possible go towards the actual decoration of your space.
  • Hourly “al la cart” pricing at $50/hr for each additional hour the consultant it working on your project.

 Design Projects with preferred vendors

  • In addition to a design plan, you want a full-scale, turn-key project where you only want to have to speak with the designer and they will deal with all other parties involved:
  • $100 credit towards furniture and décor after the initial consultation fee is paid.
  • No hourly rates are charged. Just a 20% Fee on the approved budget.
  • Minimum of $1000 order and order must occur within the first 30 days after the consultation.
  • We use all our trade discounts and resources to meet the desired budget.
  • Items are sold at retail value, so that no hourly rates are charged.
  • The designer will complete all the ordering, hiring and managing contractors.

Al a cart menu:

  • All al a cart items must include the Red Door Design Consultation.
    • $50 for each additional hour the consultant is working on your project.
    • $50 for contractor estimates for construction or renovation projects
    • Contingency fees for Rental items. Ask for specific pricing on individual items. Minimum 30-day rental.


  • Your first consultation is free with your listing agent and includes basic de-cluttering, furniture arrangement recommendations and basic maintenance improvements that will need to be done prior to listing your home.
  • Your listing agent may recommend further decorating and staging needs for your home prior to taking photos for the MLS and to improve your homes showing potential.
    • $100- 1 hour. Red Door Design Consultation 
      • Comprehensive assessment of each rooms needs for staging to maximize photo potential.
      • Décor management and furniture arrangement by the consultant, up to 1 hour, using your furniture and décor items.
      • Red Door Design offers monthly furniture and décor rental. Separate Fees apply.